TOK Update and more

I am super stoked to announce we are working on a new TOK project.

In this video, I give an overview of what is happening now with The Orphan Killer’s new production. AKA The Abandoned. Some of the younger horror fans may not know what TOK is. For more information about the film, please visit The Orphan Killers official Facebook page

Back in 2011, The Orphan Killer was an official selection at festivals worldwide.

Sitges 2011, The Orphan Killer

Sitges was amongst the most prestigious of those festivals. We did take the whole crew to Spain to attend some of the festivities. The Orphan Killer rose to popularity on social media and become one of the most downloaded films of 2011. Unfortunately, a majority of those downloads were pirated. Over 3 million of them. Due to the popularity, the fame of The Orphan Killer has grown. So much that we are able to approach making another film. More news coming soon.