Slay your fat away. Did the holidays add some chub to your midsection?

Here is a fat-shredding workout that is for just about everyone!

I created this back in the early days of covid. An unrecognizable and challenging time for all of us. None of us had ever been through a pandemic. I was helping people lose weight. We created a gym in the garage for the family to stay in shape and be healthy. I offered this gym to people who needed help getting in shape. I loved the rogue rack and external mounts that it came with. Follow the link to check it out. I highly suggest purchasing one if you have the space. For this workout, we do not need the rack. The training session is a follow-along session. It is light hiit cardio session. Simple moves to get your body up off the couch and moving. This is for EVERYONE. Please leave a comment and let me know how you liked it!

Please comment below if you enjoyed this workout. Did you sweat? I am often left wondering if this helps people feel better. I know that answer for the people I used to train was “Definitely yes.” Then I wondered why people do not just wake up and do this workout. We are not all built alike. We all have different motivating factors. The goal of someone who trains you is not just to show you what to do but to motivate you. I hope this helps you feel great.

Click this link for mobile to fullscreen https://vimeo.com/429809299