What It Takes To Make a “Killer Campaign” Matt Farnsworth Talks About Marketing And A New TOK Movie In The Works!

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Matt Farnsworth Writer/Director

It is not often that I find myself negotiating to make another film. I have always been meticulous about choosing projects. Picky, if you will. Does that always translate to a great movie? Let’s chat about it.

Brothers and Sisters we thank you for your service…

Without the fans of TOK, I would never be writing this article. If you are new to who I am and what I created, I created The Orphan Killer’s movie character. Ten years later, and somehow, he never goes away. The Orphan Killer never dies. You never forget about your brothers and sisters? Isn’t that right, TOK Family? We are not a perfect family, but, oddly enough, we are a kind family even though we love to watch our favorite brother run around chopping people up.

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The Orphan Killer art by Chuck Kunkle

How did TOK become the monster that he is?

Fans do not just magically appear. Marketing to the potential fans needs to happen. First, you have to have a product to sell. Let’s pull back the curtain on TOK. How does he do it? How does he relate to millions of fans worldwide? Well, it is acted to perfection by David Backhaus. How did David do such a great job in this film? He lived it. The mask never comes off for David. He bleeds the character. Will David reprise his role if we re-boot this movie? You bet your ass he will.

Back in the day I started marketing The Orphan Killer during the wild wild west of social media. It was an open space. Every post you put up was seen by each and every person that followed you. In fact, it suggested people follow you. The algorithm was different back then. I will talk more about how I turned TOK into an icon back in the day in my next post.