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A Visionary, Creative Entrepreneur and Corporate Marketing Executive

My Story Of Making Movies in Hollywood, Fighting Addiction, and Finding Success In Marketing

My Name Is Matt And This is My Story And This Is My Story

 I was a broke loser back in 2013-14. I shouldn’t be writing this. I should not be able to use my fingers, arms, or even my upper torso. Yet, I am here, creating content and helping clients scale their practice and make millions (wait billions) of dollars. At the present time, I am the director of the Digital Experience at Transamerica, an Entrepreneur who owns a successful marketing firm, and a podcaster who has over 175k monthly downloads and is rising. 

How did I end up going from the brink of death to having success?


Just before I turned 40 I was humbled.   Deep in addiction in 2014, I flipped a car 6 times, breaking my neck.

Where do you imagine I ended up? 

If you guessed Rehab, you are correct, although jail would have been a great guess, too. 

You may see a few pictures of me on set making movies. I did have some success in Hollywood. In fact, this last year, I got back to writing and was able to complete another script after many years of inactivity.

Back in the day, I gained recognition for my feature film “IOWA,” which quickly became a cult classic. The film was an official selection at the Tribeca Film Festival. I have made other films and have generated millions of downloads of those films, but Hollywood never really satisfied me. Wait, satisfied is the wrong word. Even with the biggest agent at CAA, I could never fully buy-in. You see, I wanted success on my terms. When you have the biggest agent in town, they want you to leave your family and date within the Hollywood elite circle to grow your popularity. I was not willing to do that, and it tortured me. 

I am still a writer, a producer, and a director, and I have very little desire to be anywhere other than behind the camera. 

The beauty I found in my break from Hollywood gave me the clarity to try another business, and it worked: marketing.

My path was divine. If you want Hollywood success on your own terms forget about it. You have to make your own movies.  The movies I made needed to marketing to be sold. This led to creating a brand around the movies (product of service) and the need to SELL THEM.

Matt Farnsworth Story
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This brought me to marketing. In the marketing space I realized that while many people were satisfied with just consuming content, I wanted to keep creating it. As the landscape changed I started a marketing company. Social Media took over the world. 

I was able to communicate directly with an audience.

The rest is history. My films began to sell, and I was able to get people to download them—not just a few people, but millions of people. In all my trials and tribulations, I was forced to ask the big “why” question, and I found the soul of video creation and marketing. Who are you SELLING to? 

Follow this link to find the rest of my story… The part of the story where I finally get sober, meet this beauty and start a company and career that make me more successful than I have ever been. If you want to read the generic bio scroll down. 


Follow this link to read the rest of my story. This part of the story I finally get sober, meet this beauty, and start a company and career that become ultra successful. It’s an even more interesting read. If you want to read the boring generic bio scroll down. 

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The Professional Bio

Matt Farnsworth is an accomplished American filmmaker and entrepreneur with a diverse range of talents spanning filmmaking, public speaking, marketing, and writing. He first gained recognition for his feature film “IOWA,” which quickly became a cult classic. The film was an official selection at the 2005 Tribeca Film Festival and won the Best Picture Award at the Midwest Independent Film Festival. As the writer, producer, director, and lead actor in “IOWA,” Farnsworth garnered a loyal following in the indie film scene and paved the way for its theatrical release.

Farnsworth also produced and directed the documentary-style film “Dying For Meth,” which delves into the methamphetamine epidemic in the Midwestern United States. This 43-minute film received recognition at the Beverly Hills-based Prism Awards alongside prominent networks like CBS and NBC. In 2008, Farnsworth was deputized by the Police Athletics League and Shaquille O’Neal for his work in raising addiction prevention and awareness.

Known for his unorthodox approach to filmmaking, Farnsworth’s work often elicits comparisons to notable directors such as David Lynch, Martin Scorsese, and Quentin Tarantino by publications like The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, and NY Post. In addition to his success behind the camera, Farnsworth has appeared in various indie films and national TV shows as an actor.

Among his other achievements, Farnsworth is the writer, director, and producer of the popular slasher film “The Orphan Killer.” This genre film and its iconic character have become iconic within the horror community. “The Orphan Killer” was an official selection of the Sitges Film Festival, where it was honored with the Antonio Margheriti Award. It was also an official selection of the San Sebastian Horror Film Festival. Farnsworth has expressed interest in rebooting the film in the future, further showcasing his commitment to storytelling and creative exploration.

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