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The Stay Sober Forever platform is a dedicated community space designed for individuals on their journey to sobriety. Here, members can share personal stories, insights, and resources, while also participating in group discussions, livestreams, and private forums. Rooted in support and connection, it empowers users to forge meaningful bonds, offer and receive guidance, and maintain a life free from addiction. Join us to explore, connect, and thrive in your path to lasting sobriety.


This private immersive digital recovery system helps people recover from addiction. Click to register. 



Real honest conversations about life, business, health, & relationships.

Eight years ago, I was facing severe health issues, financial hardship, and even jail time after a devastating car accident. A near-death experience during that time changed everything, giving me a second chance at life that I embraced fully.

In the face of turning 40, I found myself building a new life from scratch. This personal journey has sparked my deep interest in stories of resilience, transformation, and the extraordinary potential we all carry within us.

Unfiltered is my way of sharing these inspiring narratives, shedding light on the strength of the human spirit, and pushing the boundaries of what we believe we’re capable of. Join me on Unfiltered as we explore, learn, and grow together.


Welcome to my YouTube Channel, a sanctuary for those seeking a life beyond addiction. Born from personal experience and a passion for change, our channel is dedicated to enlightening, empowering, and elevating lives. Dive deep into a treasure trove of content that sheds light on holistic health, nurturing relationships, and the secrets to wealth creation. Every story shared, every piece of advice given, is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the possibility of transformation. Join us in this movement of change. Subscribe now and be part of a community that believes in a brighter, addiction-free future.

5 Minutes Each Week That Could Change Your Life

Your information is protected and I never spam, ever. You can view my privacy policy here .

From broken to Saved

From Rock Bottom to Rocking Success: A Story of Redemption & Unstoppable Growth 🚀💡

Get ready for a wild ride, my friends –  with a twist of redemption and a whole lotta love. From screen testing for Star Wars at Skywalker Ranch to flipping a car six times while high and drunk, my life’s been a roller coaster that I’ve turned into one epic success story. 💯

I fought addiction, survived a near-death experience, and rose from the ashes with a newfound faith and purpose. And you know what? After getting sober and seizing my second chance at life, I’ve crushed it. I landed a major role as a digital marketing director at a huge company, started my own successful marketing firm, and became a sought-after public speaker nationwide. And guess what? I still write films! 🎥 … READ MORE

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5 Minutes Each Week That Could Change Your Life

Your information is protected and I never spam, ever. You can view my privacy policy here .
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