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Matt Farnsworth

Matt is an award-winning filmmaker, the Director of Digital Marketing at Transamerica, and the chairman of Rev8lation media. In the last 15 years, Matt has created marketing that has generated over 8 million digital downloads of his feature films. He has also developed sales and marketing systems that have helped his clients increase their ROI by over 400%. Matt does personalized marketing consulting for advisors and businesses. Farnsworth also heads the marketing department for TAG Resources. The largest end-to-end bundled provider of retirement services in the U.S.



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Matt Farnsworth is the CEO of Rev8altion Media. The fastest-growing Advisor and 401(k) services marketing company in the United States. Rev8altion has done work for fortune 500 Companies such as Raymond James, John Hancock, and more. 





The Oprhan Killer

"A new Horror Icon is Born" - Shock Horror Magazine
"This could be a franchise as big as Friday the 13th and Halloween" -


Drama/Tribeca Film Festival
IOWA is an award winning drama that was an official selection at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2005. The film was written, produced, and directed by Matt Farnsworth.

Dying For Meth

Film Producers spend 5 years investigating the methamphetamine epidemic in Middle America. They interviewed addicts, filmed them in prison, and watched them smoke meth.

Popular Films

These are Farnsworth's top films to date. A new Orphan Killer movie is in the works as of 2022. Click below to find out more. 

This could be a franchise as big as Halloween and Friday the 13th!


Web Magazine

A New Legendary Slasher Icon is Born

Shock Horror Magazine

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